Bonny Leibowitz

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"Plight of the Pleasure Pods" the catalog


Plight Of The Pleasure Pods catalog 


This catalog contains images of the work, an essay and descriptive writings on individual works by Donna Cozort, a review by Todd Camplin, an interview with Lynette Haggard, additional writings by John McLaughlin and Lanny Quarles along with a few of the performance and installation shots as well. It can be ordered from me directly or through Cohn Drennan Contemporary:










The catalog 47 pages and is $45.00 plus tax and shipping. To preview in PDF format, click here: Plight Of The Pleasure Pods in PDF preview format 



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Writings on the work of Bonny Leibowitz's “Plight Of The Pleasure Pods” by Donna Cozort, Ph.D, Diplomate C.G.Jung Institute, Zurich  



The Symbiosis catalog


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The "Symbiosis" catalog contains all works from the series included in the Blurr exhibition at Cohn Drennan Contemporary and at The Museum of Art, MSU in 2012